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hey i'm Louis, i live in Melbourne and i'm studying film at deakin university, i'm interested in basically all the shit on this blog, no theme here just stuff i like, also i post a lot of my photography on here, hope you enjoy and DFTBA

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i literally cannot decide if this is negative propaganda or not lol

there’s a  swag in my boot



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Game Developers Video / Anita’s Kickstarter / Stolen Footage / Stolen Artwork / Anita Sarkeesian “I’m not a fan of video games”

EDIT: It should be noted that the 3 “Damsel in Distress” videos are actually split into parts and are actually only 1 video. “The Ms. Male Character” video is the 4th to be released but is the 8th part in the series. Technically, she has only released 2 parts of the 12 part series.

it’s women like this that make people hate feminism

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Treehouse Of Horror VI
"Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace"
October 29, 1995

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Drawings done by a North Korean refugee.

This is happening in North Korea right now. Not World War 2 era Germany and Poland. The North Koreans are committing atrocities against their own people on par with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Children, women, men. Being tortured to death. This is the evil that exist in the world. 

"But but but… Communism is a good thing guys! We need to try it here! It’ll help us!"

All democrats need to read this… This is what your leadership and party represent in America.

While shocking none the less, face palming so hard at the right wing idiots who clearly have never opened a history book other something written by a neo-Whig historian. Any political system can be corrupted, just look at all the supposed democracy’s around the world which are just dictator ships. Things are always much more complex than they appear

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Is it me or is Shadow Warrior not getting the recognition it deserves?


I was looking at the Shadow Warrior system requirements when…

this is the dumbest best game ever

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